Shelley Martinez, formerly Salinas in TNA has made a call to AAA about getting work with the promotion. They are considering her as a manager as the promotion has a lot of Goth characters that they could pair her with.

Black Warrior could be headed to AAA as well.

After being turned down by CMLL, Juventud Guerrera is trying to get a meting with Dorian Roldan to get a job with AAA. Roldan knows that the locker room would not be happy if Juvi was brought back.

Mistico could return to the CMLL promotion in the first week of November, he had been out due to injury. They are building to a Mistico and Blue Panther tag team to feud with Villano IV and V. The angle is that Mistico has accused Villano IV of doing a switch in the third fall of the mask match with Panther.

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