Kevin Nash was recently a guest on the "In Your Head" radio show. Nash spoke with hosts hosts Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie for over an hour. The entire interview can be heard at their website ( Some highlights:

His Health: "I am actually probably as healthy as I have been in 10 years".

How Many Years He Has Left In Him: "It depends on how many times I actually wrestle".

His TNA Status: "We are close to getting everything down, but it's still not official" "They pulled me off the web page so I would call someone and complain".

Scott Hall No-showing TNA Turning Point 2007: "I was just more worried about him".

Working With Scott Hall vs. HBK: "Scott's probably the best big worker I've ever worked against" "But by far Shawn is the best worker I've ever worked with".

Could Paparazzi Productions Return?: "As long as he's [Alex Shelly] not dead and I'm not dead, we can take it further".

Kurt Angle's Comments in the UK Sun: "Nobody on this planet works harder than Kurt and I can understand his frustration".

His Current Angle with Samoa Joe: "I think it's good, there needs to be a pay-off of some sort".

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