Jeff Hardy's Entrance Cut, TNA Terrordome Issues, 'Mania, & More

Jeff Hardy's Entrance Cut, TNA Terrordome Issues, 'Mania, & More
The SmackDown broadcast in the UK cut out Jeff Hardy's ring entrance, likely because a clip of Undertaker giving Vickie Guerrero a tombstone aired during the regular broadcast. Although, the segment wasn't cut out during the original airing, but it likely garnered some viewer complaints. Men-on-women violence is frowned upon in the UK as those type of segments are usually cut out. Back in August, Sky Sports cut out the show closing segment of Edge verbally torturing Vickie Guerrero, and then shoving her while she was sitting on her wheelchair. They also cut out two backstage segments featuring the two earlier in the show.

Dave Nelson sent this in: Undertaker (as you know) has won at WrestleMania every year. However, at No Mercy, this is virtually the opposite. At the event, he has a 1-7 streak, with his only win coming in 2001:

1999 UK: Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker and Triple H in an Anything Goes Triangle match to retain the WWF Championship
2001: The Undertaker defeated Booker T
2002: Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match
2003: Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker in a Biker Chain match
2004: John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated The Undertaker in a Last Ride match to retain the WWE Championship
2005: The Ortons defeated The Undertaker
2006: Mr. Kennedy defeated The Undertaker by disqualification
2008: The Big Show defeated The Undertaker by knockout

TNA renamed the former "TerrorDome" to "The Steel Asylum" because the trademark was already owned. As reported on earlier and advertised by TNA, the match will be brought back at the Bound For Glory PPV on October 12 involving X Division wrestlers. None of the wrestlers have been confirmed yet. The company first used the match at the Sacrifice PPV earlier this year on May 11 in Orlando, FL.

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