Benoit's Home Up For Sale, Demento Paints Vince, Romeo Update, More

Benoit's Home Up For Sale, Demento Paints Vince, Romeo Update, More
The former home of the late Chris Benoit went up for sale earlier in the year, and it's still up for sale several months later at a cost of $898,500. The Fayettsville, Georgia home has turned up on some real estate websites, with the home being described as "Absolutely Exquisite." The 8.6 acre private gated home features 6 bedrooms, 5 & 1/2 bathrooms, a Pebble Tec brand pool, as well as Coffered 10' ceilings, and heart pine floors. The home is listed on Simply do a search. The listing features seventeen photos of the home, including a photo of the enclosed poolside area. A few months ago, the local FOX affiliate did a news piece on the home going up for sale, which features some crime scene photos. The video notes that a second Benoit home is also up for sale, in Peachtree City, GA, the home he lived in prior to building his "dream home." It's listed for $399,000. You can see the video at

Former WWE star Damian Demento, whose artwork was profiled in an issue of WWE's Raw Magazine in 2005, has posted images of his artwork on his MySpace account in hopes of selling the pieces. He did a painting of Vince McMahon, and is trying to sell it for $4,500.00.

Former WWE star Romeo of The Heart Throbs appeared on last week's edition of Saturday Night Live, who was cast as a Bartender in the "Club Pick-Up" segment involving Anne Hathaway and Keenan Thompson, among others. As noted earlier, The Miami Herald did an article on him regarding his role in The Wrestler, which you can read at WWE picked up on the article and did one of their own, which appeared in the Industry News section of For more information on Romeo, you can visit his official website at

As noted yesterday, Mexican wrestling star Dos Caras Jr. has confirmed that he is under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Caras Jr. is the current CMLL World Heavyweight Champion and has fought in 10 professional Mixed Martial Arts fights (with a 6-4 record).

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