It is believed that Mick Foley's deal with TNA is for six months. At this point, nothing has been confirmed regarding him actually wrestling for TNA. He definitely won't be wrestling regularly according to

As reported earlier by the website, TNA handed out a packet containing the new drug testing policy at a set of iMPACT! tapings two weeks ago. The policy is said to be similar to that of WWE. It is unknown as to when they will test and how often, but from this point forward, the TNA wrestlers are at risk of drug suspensions and shouldn't be able to get away scot free anymore. A drug test failure results in a 30-day suspension without pay for a first offense with a more severe punishment for a second. TNA did a drug test back in February or so, but the results didn't count and nobody was suspended.

Several people within TNA Wrestling that should know the full story believe Kevin Nash is still with the company and don't know what to make of his recent interviews. No one has said this was a planned angle. Nash has not been at TV and TNA removed his name from the website, yet the talk among everyone is that he is still with them. The feeling is that communication between TNA and Nash is much better then the way the situation with Gail Kim was handled on her way out.

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