Who Santino Wants To Face Tonight, Jeff Hardy, New NWA Champ, More

When asked to comment on which opponent he'd like to face at tonight's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, Santino Marella basically said he wasn't sure.

"I do not know," Marella said, "It's like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry theyre all delicious flavors of ice cream but I cant choose. Either way its going to be a great night for me."

He also added, "Were going to go, were going to fight, were going to win, were going to have an after-party like we usually do limousines, nightclubs, everything. Were going to have fun and its going to be a great chapter in my life but along the way its going to be a really bad night for someone. Someone is going to have to be a victim to my supreme ability. Its hard to say. I dont want to guide the audience towards one person Honky Man but if I had to choose one, Im not sure. Maybe the Honky Donkey Man."

WWE's auction site is auctioning off a painting created by Jeff Hardy. For an article on the auction, head over to the main page of WWE.com.

The National Wrestling Alliance sent out the following press release:

Mexico City, MX (October 25, 2008) Centro Banamex Convention Center was a history making site as it hosted the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match featuring Adam Pearce Vs. Blue Demon, Jr. In the end, Blue Demon, Jr. won the famous "10 lbs. of Gold" in a very controversial fashion. "I passed out while Demon had me in a Half Boston Crab and when I woke up I was told that I was under the rope and the Referee had stopped that match. This is clearly against the NWA Rule Book and I will be taking this up with Trobich. Demon, you are not the NWA Worlds Champion," said former champion Adam Pearce. "I think Pearce has a case. I've reviewed the footage and he is in the right, his arm is under the rope, but in the NWA, the Referee's decision if final," states Ruben Zamora of NWA Latin American Relations. Blue Demon, Jr. is the first Mexican and Masked Wrestler to ever win the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in the six decades the National Wrestling Alliance has been in business. For more information on the NWA please visit nwawrestling.com.

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