Bobby Lashley On MMA vs. WWE, Chris Jericho TV News, More

Bobby Lashley On MMA vs. WWE, Chris Jericho TV News, More
Chris Jericho is scheduled to appear on Red Eye on Fox News Channel at 3:00 am Eastern tonight. It was announced that he will be on to talk about his Redemption Song show scheduled to premiere Wednesday night on Fuse at 11:00 pm, and maybe some wrestling.

Speaking of Jericho, The first episode of his upcoming Fuse TV show, which debuts on Fuse on Wednesday, is available on the Fuse Web site. The full first episode can be seen at

Due to the aforementioned lawsuit with WWE over John Cena's theme music, the WWE has created a new entrace song for Cena's upcoming return from injury. Listen to that new song online in MP3 format by clicking here.

The following is an excerpt of an interview with former WWE star Bobby Lashley:

Question: What are your thoughts on the crowd atmosphere you will experience in MMA? You have been in front of huge crowds during wrestling events like Wrestlemania but do you think the MMA crowd will be different than that of pro wrestling?

Bobby Lashley: I'm sure the crowds will be a little different. When I was in the WWE I loved being in front of the crowds, the bigger the better. At Wrestlemania I was in front of 85,000 people and at my first WWE match I was in front of 17,000 so I'm sure things will be different but being in front of the crowd isn't something I will be nervous about.

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