Gabe Sapolsky Involved In New Pro Wrestling Project

Former Ring of Honor head booker Gabe Sapolsky is involved in a new project aimed at teaching wrestlers, promoters, and wrestling fans how to promote pro wrestling in 2008.

Here is the official press release:

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 30, 2008 – The Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestling promotion was founded in 2002 to cater to a niche audience of wrestling fans. Over the past six years, ROH has featured the world's top wrestling talent and has earned accolades from wrestling fans and industry media alike. ROH has grown from holding events in front of 300 people to selling out arenas around the world and presenting pay-per-view

Much of the credit for this meteoric success can be attributed to Gabe Sapolsky, ROH booker and three-time Wrestling Observer 'Best Booker' award winner.

Now, Gabe shares his secrets in "Promoting Pro Wrestling," a groundbreaking digital reference guide designed to help wrestlers, promoters, and wrestling fans.

Former WCW broadcaster Chris Cruise has provided advance praise, describing Meyers' book as "excellent."

"Promoting Pro Wrestling" explains the two most important Keys To Success™ in the wrestling business, ideas that have worked for dozens of wrestling promoters around the world for years. In an industry with a 90% annual failure rate, advice drawn from successful experience is essential in order to survive.

In his research, author Chris Meyers looked at the financial and critical histories of hundreds of wrestling promotions and learned how and why they succeeded or failed. In addition, "Promoting Pro Wrestling" includes sample contracts, letters, and waivers so promoters can enter into a wrestling venture completely prepared to succeed.

"Promoting Pro Wrestling" can be purchased online exclusively at

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