Akira Raijin's TNA Contract, TNA Stars Pissed Off At 'Mongo', Backstage TNA News

WrestlingINC.com is reporting that TNA has signed Akira Raijin of All Japan Pro Wrestling to a two-year contract. He will be doing indy dates in the United States as well. Although, undercard wrestlers only get paid when they work, and there is no minimum amount of dates. In recent months, TNA has signed the likes of Doug Williams, B-Boy and Cody Deaner, and all three wrestlers still have yet to be used. Also, there aren't any significant guarantees in their contracts, so there is no rush to use them. Jarrett told Terry Taylor to sign him after seeing him several months ago in a dark match.

Practically all of the wrestlers involved in the four-way Monster's Ball match at Bound for Glory (Robert Roode & James Storm vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D vs. Homicide & Hernandez) were furious backstage due to special guest referee Steve "Mongo" McMichael's lackluster refereeing. They said he counted slow and was always in the wrong position, which they believe messed up the match. TNA's original plans had McMichael at ringside with someone interfering, thus getting him involved. TNA then advertised McMichael as the special guest referee because the original role was too close to what Mick Foley was doing in the Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett match as the Special Guest Enforcer and they didn't want to do the gimmick twice. TNA officials went back-and-forth until the day of the show, with Jeff Jarrett making the call for McMichael to be in the ring as the referee instead of outside it.

WrestlingINC.com is reporting that BG James has apparently been phased out as a wrestler in TNA, but still has a role with the company. James is now working as a road agent.

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