ECW Rating Is In, Austin/MMA Story Update, Rhodes/FCW, & More has a video interview with Florida Championship Wrestling commentator Dusty Rhodes. He talks about his role training WWE's developmental wrestlers.

We reported here earlier this week that Stone Cold Steve Austin accidentally broke the nose of Paul Lazenby, the MMA fighter co-starring in Austin's new movie, "Damage." Lazenby tells "I want to stress that this was NOT a case of negligence or incompetence, just one of those things that can happen even between skilled performers when they're swinging their fists at one another. I don't blame Steve at all." He added: "He just made a mistake that even the best stunt performers can make (and one of which I'm certainly not innocent). As a guy who's been a stuntman for eight years and a pro wrestler/fighter for 17, I think that I'm a fair judge of ability in those areas and I still rate Steve extremely highly as a film fighter and overall performer. I'd work with him again anytime."

The November 4th edition of ECW on Sci Fi drew a 1.0 cable rating, rounded up from a 0.95. This is lower than the show's typical number, but it went up against the United States Presidential election coverage, so the show had stiff competition. (Source: Neilson Media Research)

This weekend's episode of Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling will focus on the participants cutting promos.

Jim Ross has a new blog entry up with RAW and Smackdown thoughts and more.

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