Jeremy Borash is backstage with the Main Event Mafia. He talks to Sting first. Before Sting can get a word in, Jarrett says that tonight they're all here to earn a living and that's flat out getting it done in the ring. Jarrett tells them not to let this thing get out of hand. Angle tells Jarrett that he's not one of their peers because he's a washed up has been that hides behind a desk. Angle calls Jarrett a p---y but they blurt it out. Kevin Nash gets in between them as Angle storms off. Nash tells Jarrett that they go way back and that it doesn't have to be like this. Nash says he needs to go talk to the children in the other locker room. Jarrett tells Nash that this is his company, his future. Nash says that this is his future. Booker gets a word in before the segment ends.

X Division Championship
Rhino vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
The bell rings and the match is underway. The crowd is behind Rhino. They circle one another as Shane Sewell is the referee. Rhino elevates Bashir off the ropes and takes him to the mat. Rhino looks to already be going for Gore as Sheik Abdul Bashir goes to the outside. Rhino follows and throws him into the rail. Rhino rolls Bashir back into the ring. Bashir pleads with Rhino then bows down.

Rhino continues to hit offense as he runs into an elbow from Bashir. Bashir tried to get the turnbuckle exposed but the referee stopped him. Bashir gets a two count on Rhino. Bashir counters with hard slaps. Bashir goes off the ropes but a fan throws water on him from ringside.

Bashir works Rhino over and gets another cover for a two count. Bashir has Rhino on his knees, but Rhino fights back. Bashir counters and gets a two count.

Bashir gets Rhino to the outside and takes him over in front of the guard rail. Bashir hits a knife edge chop but Rhino counters. Bashir slaps a fan at ringside and rolls Rhino into the ring. It looks like it could be ICP at ringside.

Sheik Abdul Bashir pulls Rhino down by the hair. He connects on several elbows. The crowd cheers loudly for Rhino. Bashir gets a near-fall on Rhino. Bashir applies a submission hold on the mat.

Bashir wrenches back on a headlock on Rhino on the mat. Rhino is breaking it, he gets back to a vertical base and drops Bashir down to the mat. Rhino is down in the ring, selling the submission hold. Bashir is down as well, double count out gets to 8 before they get up. They exchange rights and lefts in the middle of the ring. Rhino takes down Bashir. Scott Hall is in the front row next to ICP look-a-likes.

Rhino hits a spinebuster on Bashir and ends up hitting Gore for the win. I'm more distracted by who is on the front row, we know Scott Hall, trying to confirm ICP.

Winner - Rhino

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