NWA Mexico announced Mexican amateur wrestling legend Daniel Aceves as the new figurehead president, replacing Blue Demon Jr. With Blue Demon Jr. becoming the NWA champion, it was felt that he could no longer be president of the promotion.

Vampiro has told the AAA office that he's injured and won't be able to wrestle for two months. He does want to come to TV to keep his angles fresh for his return. Some aren't sure if this is the truth or not (his injury) and most of the top stars in AAA didn't want him in to begin with.

Shelley Martinez (formerly Salinas in TNA) was scheduled to debut for the promotion (AAA) on November 24th. She asked for more money and then in what was very odd, she wanted to work with Idol Stevens and Beth Phoenix as a group, neither work for AAA and Phoenix is obviously contracted to WWE. At this point both sides are not talking.

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