Ring of Honor officially announced Samoa Joe vs. Tyler Black for their Chicago Ridge, IL PPV taping on November 22nd. The match will not be on PPV due to Joe being contracted to TNA.

There is talk that the company will bring in a full production company for future PPV tapings, but it is not confirmed. Word is that ROH had talks with a production company out of Las Vegas that was going to get involved for a potential TV project, but nothing has come from that as of now.

Along with Adam Pearce as the new booker, Jerry Lynn and Austin Aries have stepped up to help with creative ideas. Also, Bryan Danielson, as senior member of the roster, is involved with suggesting ideas for other talents. The feeling in the company right now is that of everyone having a bigger part in the company as things build.

During the Canadian shows this past weekend, DQ and count out finishes were used to move along some of the storylines that were considered to have holes in them. The DQ finish in the ROH Title match between Nigel McGuinness and Nectro Butcher was to add some heat to the Necro vs. Age of the Fall angle, as well as to get some sympathy behind Necro Butcher for wrestling "injured."

ROH has added Kyle Durden, a graduate of the ROH Wrestling Academy, as a backstage interviewer.

Larry Sweeney missed the Canadian shows due to travel issues. There is a chance that ROH can insert him onto the DVD releases for the shows with vignettes taped at a later time.

Grizzly Redwood, who was doing the "Littlest Lumberjack" gimmick on the Canadian shows is former ROH Academy student Mitch Franklin.

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