- The people that were most upset about Scott Hall being at the Turning Point show were Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe. The storyline they wanted to get over in their match was that Joe took everything Nash had and still kicked out and was likely going to win if not for the low blow and Nash's feet on the ropes. Nobody has ever kicked out of two Nash powerbombs except The Undertaker. Nash and Joe worked hard on their match, even screening an old Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson match for ideas. There is a feeling that because the fans were expecting Scott Hall to run in at any second, it really took away from the match.

Nash and Joe didn't need Hall to get over their angle and TNA nor the two were not going to build a storyline or a match finish on the unreliable Scott Hall. The joke backstage was that Hall took a full year to show up for his scheduled pay-per-view appearance and there are still a lot of hard feelings towards Hall within TNA for missing last year's show.

The storyline for Nash and Joe now is that Nash will refuse to fight Joe again because he beat him already while coming across as a bit of a coward. No pay-per-view rematches are in the works for the two right now but they are set to face each other multiple times on the upcoming European tour. Eventually the storyline will be that Joe gets TNA management to give him another match with Nash after Nash doing everything he can to avoid it. The idea is that Joe builds up outrage that he took everything Nash gave him and could only be pinned after a low blow and a tainted pin.

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