WWE SmackDown Results - November 21, 2008

WWE SmackDown Results - November 21, 2008 Jeff Hardy Faces Triple H

Smackdown on MyNetwork TV
Taped on 11/11/08 in Manchester England.
Source: Prowrestling.net

[Q1] A video recapped last weeks Jeff Hardy win over Undertaker and the announcement of Hardy vs Triple H tonight with the stipulation that if Hardy wins, it’s a triple threat match at Survivor Series… The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Jim Ross and Tazz welcomed us to Smackdown. The announce team hyped Hardyvs Triple H for later and the Undertaker is going to give Big Show his last rights…

R-Truth did his silly little ring entrance and the announce team plugged the Team Batista vs Team Orton Survivor Series Match…

1. Matt Hardy and R-Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin and Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas at 12:28. Benjamin and R-Truth started off. Truth took control and he and Hardy had some good double teams tagging in and out quickly. They hit a double clothesline to send Benjamin to the floor at 4:00 to go to commercial…[C]

[Q2] Back from commercial and Hardy had Benjamin in an arm bar. He teased a Twist of Fate but Benjamin pushed hit off into Henry who clubbed Hardy. Henry tagged in and worked power moves on Hardy. Hardy tried a sunset flip but Henry held on. Henry tried to sit on his face but Hardy moved. Hot tags on both sides and Truth had a flurry of offense. Henry interfered. Hardy knocked him off the apron into Atlas. Hardy hit a cross body onto the floor. Truth hit the corkscrew elbow and scissor kick for the win…

A video aired for my man crush John Cena. He’s so dreamy. I’m so glad Hermanstyne sent me that autographed picture. The announcers hyped the World Title match between Cena and Chris Jericho…[C]

Back from commercial, the announce team plugged Jeff Hardy vs Triple H for later. Eve interviewed Triple H who was staring at her tits. He asked her if they were real because they were immaculate. He said they were perfectly shaped and round. He asked if he could touch them. Eve said yes. He held up her pearl necklace and went on about how fabulous they were. He changed the subject to Hardy and Kozlov. He was running them down when Kozlov came up and said Triple H’s days as champion were numbered. He said, “Goodbye King of the Kings.” He walked off and Hunter said, “See Eve, he couldn’t take his eyes off of them either…”

[Q3]Maria was shown talking to a catatonic Festus. She was whining about losing to McCool when Miz and Morrison showed up. Miz basically called her a whore. Morrison said she wasn’t good enough for him. They picked on Festus, Miz even gave him a wet willy, and walked away…[C]

A video recapped Miz and Morrison beating HBK and Rey Mysterio on Raw…A weird cut happened and Festus and Jesse made their way to the ring…

2. The Miz and John Morrison defeated Jesse and Festus at 2:43. The bell rang and Festus beat the hell out of Morrison and tagged in Jesse who immediately got laid out by Morrison. Miz tagged in and worked on Jesse. Jesse got a quick tag and Festus cleaned house. Morrison grabbed the bell and rang it, sending Festus to la la land. Miz hit the Drive By for the win. Post match, Morrison laid out Jesse. They walked up the ramp and rung the bell again. They ran backstage as Festus and Jesse followed…

JR hyped Jeff Hardy vs Triple H next…[C]

The last commercial was for a house show here in Greensboro in December. Big Show vs Undertaker in a cage and Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov for the WWE Title in a Greensboro Street fight. A Greensboro Street fight? Right, because we’re so hard down here…

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