Trish Stratus has confirmed her account on MySpace, thus putting the many pages impersonating her to rest. As reported yesterday, Trish has an account on the WWE Universe site. She posted a blog yesterday confirming her MySpace account, which you can visit at In her blog yesterday, Trish wrote: "I have to admit, I'm new to this whole world, a world riddled with posers and fakes you know who you are! I only recently entered this world - I finally entered the myspace world ( I was contacted by myspace canada who asked if I'd be interested in taking over this one page that had a lot of friends (a lot of people talkin to a fake me!), and it was the one page they had gotten the most amount of reports about that it was a fake (some people know me well luckily better than this poser).' Trish also talks about her nomination for a Gemini Viewer's Choice Award (voting has since closed). Trish said if she wins, she'll do a photo shoot and post the pictures on the WWE site.

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has a new blog post, but it's a sad one. Today, one of her pets ran outside the house and was instantly killed by a moving truck.

WWE stock hit a new all-time low today, dipping to $8.79 per share at one point this morning. The stock went back up as the day went on, closing at $9.59 per share. It's up from $9.31 yesterday.

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