Linda Hogan Is Broke, Big ECW/SD! Changes Made, Luger In A Wheelchair

Linda Hogan Is Broke, Big ECW/SD! Changes Made, Luger In A Wheelchair
Linda "Hogan" Bollea is out of money despite receiving $40,000 a month in alimony payments and has asked Judge George W. Greer to set a hearing next month to talk about unfreezing more of the divorcing couple's assets for Linda's use. Hulk Hogan's attorney said they wanted to first see some proof from Linda's attorneys that she is really broke. "They have to tell me why she's out of money. They have to show me in bank statements," said Hulk's attorney Ann Loughridge Kerr. You can read more about this at

A representative from Estrada management sent in word that recently released WWE superstar Armando Estrada is now taking bookings at [email protected]

Last week WWE changed up their taping schedule by taping ECW on Monday night before RAW and taping 2 weeks of SmackDown on Tuesday. Looking at WWE's upcoming live events schedule, it appears this will be the new routine. With the company looking to cut costs, broadcasting a taped ECW show and running SmackDown tapings every other week will accomplish that. This could just be for the holidays as well plus the Tribute To The Troops show.

This past week, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution ran a photo of former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger. The paper noted Luger is still wheelchair bound and in rehab trying to overcome his physical issues. It was reported this past June that Luger is able walk for short periods of time.

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