Lupe Viscara/WWE Update, Maria/Jesse/Festus, Hardy, & More News

Lupe Viscara/WWE Update, Maria/Jesse/Festus, Hardy, & More News
After Friday's SmackDown, Maria joined MyNetwork TV's Masked Magician to share another special trick with Jesse & Festus. Visit for more on the skit.

Some people missed this, but Matt Hardy was ranked No. 1 on last week's Power 25 on However, he dropped down to the No. 3 position on this week's list, with Jericho taking the top honors. Matt posted a statement on being ranked No. 1 on his MySpace account.

WWE developmental wrestler Lupe Viscara is now going under the name Lupe Santiago. He initially debuted under his real name, then Lupe Martinez. FCW is billing him from Mexico City and he comes out with a Mexican flag. Viscara is 21 years old and was the last wrestler to be signed to a WWE developmental contract (alongside Andrew Vein, who has been inactive for quite some time) out of the Ohio Valley Wrestling school.

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