Another Solider Report From Iraq, Low WWE Attendance, More

No word on actual attendance for WWE house show events the last weekend, although it was described as the poorest weekend for attendance in anyone's memory with all or most shows averaging less than 2,500 paid. The Raw taping this week in Washington, DC drew 8,500 fans.

SGT Mohamed sent this in: I just wanted to send you a report about WWE in Iraq. I am currently in Iraq and made a trip to Camp Striker where the WWE was. My wife is also in the army and we went to do a meet and greet with the wrestlers. They advertised John Cena, Vince McMahon, Kelly Kelly, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio. When we got in line, a lady told us that those guys were at a different location but Jericho, Orton and Big Show were there. I ordered wrestling buddies and had them come out here, my wife took them to get them signed. When we got into the building Randy Orton was first, he was coloring on the photos of all the superstars, when Big Show asked him who he colored over, Orton said Truth and Big Show said you could not tell the difference (lol). Orton saw the wrestling buddies in my wife hand and asked what they were called again, I replied wrestling buddies, and then Orton asked my wife if she was a big fan and she said my husband is, Big Show then asked us if we were married and we both said yes, then Jericho looked up at us and said that's pretty cool. All in all, they were cool, rushed us cause they were kinda late and only had an hour, but I am a huge fan and it was great to see them up close. Sorry the story is so long. Thank You for your site, I use it for all my wrestling news. SGT Mohamed

The New Hampshire Union Leader has an article on he death of former developmental talent Steve Bradley (real name Steve Bisson), which you can read at In the article, the medical examiner stated that there were, "no injuries that would suggest anyone else was involved in the death." Also article then noted that Bisson was indicted on charges of felony heroin possession back on November 2oth. The case was in the early stages at the time of Bisson's death. has an article on former Florida Championship Wrestling promoter Ralph Mosca, who is looking to get back into the business and is looking for a job with WWE. Mosca, 38, has lost a lot of weight and will have a match on next week's Florida Championship Wrestling show.

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