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Great Lakes Championship Wrestling announced on their show last night that they will put on a New Age Outlaws vs. Outsiders match on March 21st, 2009 in Waukesha, WI. has an article up, covering the Tribute to the Troops show and WWE's visit to Iraq. Included are photos of Kelly Kelly, John Cena and Vince McMahon with the troops.

WWE and Premiere TV in Germany have come to a new deal to get WWE TV back on the network. Premiere announced today that they had just secured the rights to Raw, Afterburn, ECW and Experience for two years. Also, WWE's 14 ppvs will continue to be offered live on Premiere's PPV channel "Premiere Direkt." This will include the next WWE PPV, Armageddon on December 14th. Premiere TV wanted to secure the full edition of Monday Night Raw, but was unable to. They will continue to air the one-hour international version of the show, but will air it on Thursday's on a three-day delay. Under the old deal the shows would have been on a one-week delay. Smackdown wasn't included in the deal, because the one-hour international version of Smackdown airs on the German free TV channel "DSF."

Jim Ross has another blog entry up, here are some of highlights:

On The Undertaker vs. Big Show Cage Match: Friday Night Smackdown was solid as predicted. I watched the stout, cage match and got to thinking that that match was Tazz and my 21st and 22nd segments to do commentary that night in Albany. The Albany crowd hung in there and even though the doubleheaders aren't ideal their cost savings are hugely significant. Plus, I get to not get on an airplane one week so I am for them.

On the Slammy Awards: I am most interested to see how the wrestling Slammy's are distributed Monday night and to see who gets a boo-boo face if they don't win. Good grief, it's just an award that doesn't carry the credibility of headlining a PPV and especially year to date earnings. I'm all for Matt Striker winning the announcer of the year award which would accelerate Tazz' dislike toward the rookie broadcaster. It makes Tuesdays more interesting hearing those two debate on occasion.

On Jack Swagger: Jack Swagger is also getting good, road reviews and is so athletically gifted that when he finally "gets it" Swagger is going to be a welcome addition to Monday or Friday's roster in my view. No program can teach athleticism and natural timing and Swagger has them both. Swagger and Chicago Bear Dusty Dvorchek spent plenty of time eating the Mrs. cooking back in their college days at OU.

On Edge's Return: Edge returning to SD is a welcome addition to the mix as Edge is just about as good at what he does in the biz as anyone for my cash. The volatile and potentially combustible relation ship that Edge has with Vickie Guerrero is compelling TV. They still have their uncomfortable chemistry that makes me squirm in my seat especially when they get each other in a lip lock.

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