The Beautiful People & Sharmel vs. ODB, Taylor Wilde & Roxxi

The match starts with ODB taking out Angelina Love in the ring. The babyface Knockouts are ready in the ring. Sharmell jumps in Kip's arms on the outside. It's Love and Roxxi in the ring. Roxxi takes her to the mat and goes for a wrist lock. Taylor Wilde tags in and locks in a wrist lock of her own. Roxxi tags back in and hits a double sledge off the top on Angelina Love. Taylor Wilde tags back in and hits a double sledge of her own. Wilde and Love work in the ring.

Velvet Sky is tagged in and takes Taylor Wilde down to the mat and gets a two count. Velvet Sky kicks Wilde in the small of her back. Right hands from Wilde followed by a CM Punk style kick to take her down in a counter. Roxxi tags in and picks up Sky. She slams her down and tags back in Taylor Wilde. They go for a double team but Velvet Sky gets out of the ring. Roxxi takes out Love who is tagged back in. The Beautiful People regroup on the outside, Sharmell is too scared to get in the ring. Now it's Cute Kip and ODB in the ring. Angelina and Velvet Sky take out ODB in the ring. Sky goes to work on her with chops.

ODB starts to counter, she exchanges blows with Velvet Sky. Angelina Love is tagged in. They beat down ODB in their corner. Kip interferes when the referee is distracted. Love works with ODB in the corner of the ring. Love buries her head in the midsection of ODB in the corner. Head lock from Angelina Love. Velvet Sky is tagged in and kicks ODB in the back. Dropkick from Angelina Love. The Beautiful People taunt the crowd. Sharmell is tagged in, she gets in and kicks ODB in the ring.

Sharmell lands several blows on ODB as she quickly tags in Velvet Sky when ODB shows signs of life. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love double team ODB but she counters with a double clothesline. Three women down in the ring.

Taylor Wilde is tagged in. She gets in and takes out The Beautiful People with missile dropkicks. She hits the tilt the world backbreaker on Angelina Love. Velvet Sky breaks up the three count. Roxxi gets in and takes Sky to the outside. Sharmell goes for ODB who has her back turned. ODB turns around and gets her one-on-one. Cute Kip gets in between them, ODB goes after Sharmell down the entrance tunnel.

Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love are going at it in the ring. Love hits a cross-body block off the top rope but Taylor Wilde reverses the pin on the mat and gets the win.

Winners - Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, & ODB

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