X Division Championship
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Sewell holds up the title, signifying that it's on the line. Tenay and West talk about how Sewell has to focus on the match and put Sheik Abdul Bashir in the back of his head.

The bell rings as Sheik Abdul Bashir connects on a side headlock takeover. Eric Young gets up quickly but is taken right back down by Bashir. The crowd is very pro-Eric Young. Young takes out Bashir with a blow to the jaw. Young whips Bashir off the ropes, finally connecting with a splash. Hard right hand from Eric Young. Bashir counters with chops in the corner on the Challenger.

Belly-to-Belly suplex from Young on Bashir. Young bounces the head off Sheik Abdul Bashir off the turnbuckle. Young throws him into the corner. Bashir counters and throws Young into the turnbuckles all the way to the outside of the ring.

Bashir goes to the outside, Sewell checks on Eric Young. Bashir bounces EY's head off the steel ring steps. Bashir throws him into the steps and clears the count in the ring. Bashir rolls Young back into the ring and gets a two count.

Waist lock by Bashir on Eric Young, Sewell checks for submission. Eric Young gets back to his feet and backs Bashir down with an elbow. Bashir counters with elbows then connects several elbow drops. Bashir gets in Shane Sewell's face before the cover. Bashir gets a two count then locks in a surf board hold.

Bashir lands another blow after breaking the surfboard before re-applying the hold in the ring. Eric Young gets back to a vertical base and counters out of the surfboard submission hold. Both men are down in the ring.

Standing switch when they both get back to their feet. Backdrop suplex from Young onto Bashir. Young goes off the top, connects with an elbow and a two count. Young sends Bashir off the ropes but is kicked in the face. Young counters with a discus style clothesline and another two count for a near fall. Young goes for a moonsault off the top, but he misses. Bashir gets a two count in a counter.

Sheik Abdul Bashir goes for the weapon of mass destruction but Young counters. Young nearly wins the match in a counter but Bashir gets his foot on the ropes.

Bashir tosses Young out of the ring. Bashir gets in Sewell's face as Young gets on the apron and is hit by Bashir. Bashir taunts Sewell and pushes him. Young finally gets back on the counter and hits a shoulder block. Sewell kicks Bashir, allowing Young to get the roll-up for the three count cover.

Winner & new X Division Champion - Eric Young

After the match, Bashir takes out Young and is furious at Sewell who just cost him the title. Bashir takes out Sewell. Sewell connects on several backhand chops in the ring on Bashir. He takes him out with a back body drop. Bashir hits Sewell with the X Division title belt. Bashir throws Eric Young to the outside.

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