Rhino vs. Kurt Angle
Special Enforcer: Mick Foley
If Rhino wins, Angle is gone from TNA; If Angle wins, he gets his rematch vs. Jeff Jarrett.

Special enforcer Mick Foley comes out first followed by Rhino then Angle. The bell rings and we're ready to go. No one came out to be in the corner of Kurt Angle.

Rhino backs Kurt Angle down into the ropes. They exchange blows, both trying to gain the opening control. Angle eats a move from Rhino but retreats to the outside. Angle gets on the apron and then back into the ring. The crowd is split. Angle locks up with Rhino in the ring, side headlock from Rhino.

Rhino takes Angle down with the side headlock. Rhino has it applied on Angle on the mat. Rhino takes Angle down and gets a two count after Angle counters. Rhino backs Angle into the corner. Angle whips Rhino into the other corner off the reversal. Rhino connects with an elbow in a counter and gets another near fall.

Angle ends up pushing Rhino to the outside when he was up on the ropes, trying to gain the advantage. Mick Foley looks on at the action. Angle works with Rhino on the outside, slamming him off the crowd control gate. Angle gets into the ring as Foley tells Rhino something. Angle kicks Rhino in the ribs and rolls him back into the ring. Near fall for angle. Backdrop suplex from Angle onto Rhino for another two count.

Side headlock from Angle onto Rhino. Rhino picks Angle above his head and slams him but Angle never broke the hold. Angle's got more of a sleep now locked as Rhino goes back to a vertical base. Rhino uses right hands to try and battle out. Angle sends Rhino off the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex. Angle gets a two count, and another.

Rhino counters on Angle but Angle ends up raking the eyes Rhino, sending him back down to the mat for another submission hold. Rhino gets back to the vertical base, both men end up going down off the ropes.

Angle hits Rhino with a right, they exchange blows. Back and forth, Rhino gets the better of Angle, sending him to the mat. Angle gets back up quick but ends up getting caught in a big spinebuster from the War Machine. Two count for Rhino.

Angle counters out of nowhere with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle drops the straps from his singlet. Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Rhino counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino goes for Gore but it's reversed into a Kurt Angle ankle lock. Mick Foley encourages Rhino towards the ropes, the referee checks on him. Angle pulls Rhino back to the middle.

Rhino counters out and goes for a power bomb, he ends up dropping Angle face first on the top turnbuckle. Angle is down face first on the mat. Rhino is going for Gore, Angle hits Rhino with a knee to the head. Olympic Slam from Angle into a two count.

Rhino inadvertently hits referee Slick Johnson, taking him out. Angle takes out Rhino in the ring and goes to the outside for a steel chair. Foley, checking on the referee, demands that Angle put down the chair. Angle drops the chair, Rhino sneaks up behind him and nearly catches him for a three in a small package. Angle goes to the top rope, Rhino connects right hands on him. Angle sits on the top turnbuckle, Rhino connects on a superplex.

Mick Foley counts the two count for Rhino. Al Snow comes out to the ring, starring down Mick Foley. Snow smacks Foley in the face. Angle ends up hitting Rhino with the chair. Angle Slam on Rhino and Foley is forced to make the three count.

Winner - Kurt Angle, gets a rematch against Jeff Jarrett

Kurt Angle gets on the mic and says that Jeff Jarrett made a promise, Foley made a promise, and that he beat Rhino's ass tonight. He says that he will cripple Jarrett and that Foley is next. Angle calls Foley an old SOB and says that he is going to beat the sh%t out of him. Angle exits up the ramp and raises hands with Al Snow as we go to replays. After the replay we see Snow and Angle hug on the stage before heading to the back.

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