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As noted earlier here on the website, JBL and Joey Styles were involved in a fight/altercation in Iraq. JBL was busted under the eye. The only thing we know is that JBL was constantly hazing Styles throughout the week due to it being his first tour of Iraq. At one point, JBL spilled a drink on Styles on purpose. This is the type of stuff that many people hate but always deal with due to JBL's 'higher-up' status with WWE. After several days of constant bashing and shenanigans, JBL (who apparently had been drinking) did something that caused Styles to physically retaliate in defense. Several wrestlers stepped in between the two and broke it up. When JBL broke free, he went towards Styles, who "nailed him perfectly with a pretty good shot" according to one witness, laying JBL out, busting him open and blackening his eye. Mike Johnson reports that there were no further incidents between the two on the tour after that. The story was the topic of discussion at RAW yesterday and JBL was completely subdued at the TV tapings and that is not like him. JBL's antics had caused Smackdown talent Palmer Cannon to quit the company during a European tour as well as the 2005 ECW One Night Stand Blue Meanie beating during the PPV closing brawl. It was considered doubly embarrassing for JBL among the guys since he was so involved with setting up the Iraq tours.

DK Publishing will release their WWE Encyclopedia on 03/02/09.

Pierroth is now home from the hospital and is working to get into condition where he can take care of himself. Eventually he wants to get back into good enough shape to do a retirement match.

The CMLL vs. AAA war is heating up. Alex Koslov had left CMLL for AAA weeks ago, and now CMLL is trying to get Koslov deported. They were the ones that secured his work Visa when he started with them.

Dr. Wagner Jr. was suspended for 30 days in the Distrito Federal, which includes all of Mexico City. There was a commission meeting on November 27th regarding the incident on November 11th where Wagner Jr. threw a chair at a fan. Wagner Jr. will miss CMLL dates as well as the debut show for the Los Perros Del Mal group.

Mistico has said that when he suffered his collarbone injury in Guadalajara that there was not a doctor on hand. He has said that when he wrestles there in the future, he is bringing his own doctor with him.

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