I made a mistake earlier when I noted that Trish Stratus would be attending RAW this week. It's actually next week that she'll be backstage when WWE is in Toronto, Canada. She has stated in recent interviews that she will be at the event.

WWE dropped the case against Ed Leslie for using the "Brutus Beefcake" name. With the Hulk Hogan CCW season ending, WWE decided that it wasn't worth going to court for.

For October, WWE.com traffic was down to 13.3 million unique visitors. This is considered a bad number due to the fact that they did have some voting for the Cyber Sunday PPV on the site. (Wrestling Observer)

Tomko looked much heavier since we last saw him in TNA. That is similar to what happened with Chris Harris/Braden Walker. There was also a loud 'Tomko' chant during his match.

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