It looks like Ring of Honor will be running an angle related to the film, The Wrestler, with Jerry Lynn as the centerpiece. Recent video wires have shown ROH Champion Nigel McGuinness verbally assaulting Lynn after a match the two had, which led to Lynn attacking McGuinness. Lynn then cut a promo McGuinness, saying that he was wrong and was discussing a business that didn't exist anymore. The climax of the film The Wrestler, was filmed at an ROH event, and in a recent ROH newswire, they reported that "Jerry Lynn was in attendance at a private ROH screening recently, and said to be very emotional about his career and its similarities to the career of Rourke's Randy 'the Ram' Robinson." The plan looks to be to book Lynn as the underdog veteran, who doubts himself, but wants one more shot at glory.

Mickey Rourke will be a guest on "The Late Show with David Letterman" tonight at 11:30 PM ET. This appearance will be the biggest publicity for The Wrestler thus far.

As noted yesterday, the big openings for The Wrestler this weekend will be in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

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