Sabin vs. Dutt, iMPACT! Matches, TNA In The U.K, & More

Sabin vs. Dutt, iMPACT! Matches, TNA In The U.K, & More
Here it tomorrow's non-spoiler match listing for TNA iMPACT!:

* X-Division Title Tournament Semifinal Match: Alex Shelley vs. Eric Young
* Non-Title Match: Awesome Kong vs. Allison Rain
* Robert Roode vs. Matt Morgan
* Kurt Angle vs. BG James

The following is the official talent list for TNA's upcoming tour of the UK:

* Kurt Angle
* Kevin Nash
* Mick Foley
* Jeff Jarrett
* AJ Styles
* Samoa Joe
* Team 3D
* Beer Money, Inc.
* Abyss
* Matt Morgan
* Eric Young
* Jay Lethal
* Sheik Abdul Bashir
* Doug Williams
* Alex Shelley
* Consequences Creed
* Taylor Wilde
* The Beautiful People
* Brute Magnus

The TNA website has posted an exclusive match featuring Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt.

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