Thanks to Jim for sending along this recap of Jim Ross' appearance on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show:

Here is a break down of the interview as best I can recall.

- JR called in from his hotel in Miami because he is down there for the Oklahoma vs. Florida game.

- Bubba and JR talked at length about the game and made a bet. If Florida wins, JR owes Bubba a case of JR's BBQ sauce, if Oklahoma wins Bubba owes JR some home grown oranges.

- They then turned to wrestling and both put over the FCW facility and the trainers.

- JR said the WWE does a good job of finding new in ring talent, but doesn't do a good job finding new announcers. He then took a shot saying you can't put a Bob Costas-like puppet in the booth and expect them to be good. (that's not an exact quote, but the general thought of the statement.)

- Bubba asked if JR thought Hogan and Vince could make up and do something for WM 25. This began a long discussion about a Steve Austin vs. Hogan match at WM 25. JR said he didn't think it would happen, but would like to see it. JR suggested a finish in which at the end of the match Miz & Morrison would run in, cause the double DQ, get beat down by Hogan and Austin, and then Hogan and Austin would drink a beer.

- Shortly after that Hogan called in. Hogan and JR exchanged pleasantries and then Hogan went on to tell JR that he didn't like his proposed finish to the match. He said that a match of that magnitude and historical significance needed a definite finish for the fans. Hogan went on to say he would have no problem putting over Steve if the match took place.

- Bubba wondered how much trouble JR would get into for talking to Hogan because of his relationship with CCW.

- Bubba said he is going to try to get Steve Austin on the show and had his producer put in a request with WWE to get Vince on the show in an effort to put this match together.

The interview was very good and contained way more information than I supplied. If you can find the audio on-line definitely check it out.

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