Kennedy Speaks On Bad Reviews, The Wrestler, & More

Kennedy Speaks On Bad Reviews, The Wrestler, & More Kennedy Talks To

Kennedy Speaks On Bad Reviews, The Wrestler, & More
WWE star Ken Kennedy was interviewed by's Eric Cohen today to discuss his first film Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia, the reviews of the film, his health, and more. Here are the highlights:

Injury Update: "Iím getting back into shape and my injury is healing up nicely. I have about two more months left before I get to see Dr. Andrews again. Hopefully, heíll tell me that Iím good to go and then I can return to action."

Previous Acting Experience: "When I was in high school, I was involved in theater. I took some summer courses while I was in high school. I was involved in forensics while in high school, which involves a lot of different aspects of speaking. Thereís poetry reading and there is debate. There is play acting, there is solo acting, and things like that. For three years, I was a part of the play acting team. We took gold medals at state all three years that I was involved."

Reviews of the film: "Iím not so much concerned with the reviews as I am with the numbers that the movie does. I really donít care about the reviews. I donít read the reviews. Iím not going to read any reviews. But, I think it is more nerve wracking waiting for a movie to come out. Because, in the ring, you are in front of a live crowd so you know right-then-and-there depending on how the crowd is reacting whether or not you are doing your job. I prefer to act without a net. There is nothing like live TV and working in-front of a live audience. There is nothing like it and you canít screw up. Itís impossible to screw up. In a real fight situation, things happen. You know, you donít always land every punch; things donít go the way that you want it. So, I for one, enjoy it when things like that happen in the ring."

"The Wrestler": "I have seen it and I really liked the movie. I enjoyed it. Iíve actually seen it twice now. I thought that Mickey Rourke and the rest of the cast did a tremendous job. I thought that it was a pretty accurate depiction of some of the guys that have come through our business. But at the same time, I hope that people donít think that that is the way that every wrestler turns out in the end. Because I know a lot of guys who have been very successful in the business, who have gone to get out of the business and start business of their own. Maybe get into real estate or whatever, it may be. Start car dealerships, buy car dealerships, or, get into movies. So, there are a lot of guys who have been successful."

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