TNA Genesis: Main Event Mafia vs. Foley, AJ & D-Von

Mick Foley, Brother Devon & AJ Styles vs. TNA Legends Champion Booker T, Scott Steiner & Kip James

The bell rings and everyone faces off. Foley and James brawl. Styles and Steiner brawl. Devon and Booker T brawl. Styles gets in a few shots on Steiner on the outside. Foley is leaning up against the top. Steiner and James take off to avoid a shot from Foley. Everyone regroups and we go with AJ Styles and Kip James. Lock up and James pushes Styles away with force. Styles gets right back in James' face right away. Styles with a kick to the gut and headlock. Styles flips back landing on his feet, jumps over James and then levels James with a huge dropkick! James rolls away and Booker T gets the tag. Booker gets in Styles' face, but Styles then tags in Brother Devon. Devon charges at Booker and gets in some stiff right hands. Booker with a sidekick on Devon and a chop. Devon fires back with a big right hand. Tag to Mick Foley. Foley and Devon double team Booker with Foley hitting a running knee, cover and Booker kicks out after two. Foley tags in Styles and sends Booker face first into Styles' boot.

Booker rakes the eyes of Styles and tags in James. James kicks Styles in the gut with force. Styles hits a few shots, but James cuts him off with a big knee. Styles with a rollup on James and James kicks out after two. James responds with a huge big boot on Styles. Tag to Scott Steiner who kicks Styles on the mat. Steiner with an elbow drop and push ups to mock Styles. Steiner with a few big chops and sends Styles to the corner. Booker tags in and he nails Styles face first off a corner. Booker works on Styles with various rights and lefts. Styles with a huge modified Pele Kick on Booker. Tag to James who stomps over Styles preventing him from tagging in Foley or Devon. Styles dodges a Fameasser attempt and this time Styles connects in full with the Pele Kick! Tag to Foley who works on James and Booker. Foley knocks Steiner off the ring apron. Steiner hits the ring and levels Foley with a clothesline. Steiner grabs Devon on the outside and sends him into the guard railing. Booker is working on Styles against the ring. Foley is on the outside with Steiner when the referee calls for the bell. The referee has called for a double countout.

Winners: Double Countout

Jim Corentte then walks out and says not so fast. He said that isn't how things are done in Charlotte and orders referee Rudy Charles to restart the match. Booker T takes the mic and says Cornette does not have the authority to restart this match so it is over. Mick Foley takes the mic and said Booker is right, but he does and orders the match to be restarted right now...under Hardcore Rules!

Hardcore Rules
Mick Foley, Brother Devon & AJ Styles vs. TNA Legends Champion Booker T, Scott Steiner & Kip James

The bell rings and Foley takes out Booker with the microphone. Steiner pulls out a garbage can and levels Devon with it. In the ring, Styles catches Booker T with a big dropkick. On the ramp, Foley takes out James with a garbage can full of weapons. Devon hits James with a trash can lid. The action is everywhere and pretty hard to follow. Foley has Booker and sends him against the guard railing. In the ring, STyles hits Steiner with a trash can. Booker sends Foley onto the announce table with a back body drop. The table holds up as Sharmell cheers on Booker. Foley then drops Booker against the guard railing crotching him. Foley hits James with a trash can lid and then tells Devon to get the table. Devon pulls out a table and sets it up near the announce table. James is over the table, but Booker low blows Foley and Foley is down. Styles then goes up top and jumps from the turnbuckle and takes out James crashing through the table at ringside! In the ring, Steiner has Devon up on the top turnbuckle. Steiner attempts a belly-to-belly suplex, but Devon pushes Steiner away. Devon jumps and connects with the diving headbutt. Booker then catches Devon with the Axe Kick. Booker does the Spinarooni and Foley has Mr. Socko ready. Foley applies the mandible claw on Booker when Steiner breaks it up. Booker knees Foley a few times against the ropes. Steiner has a steel chair and he drives it into Foley's back. Booker and Steiner look to double team Foley. Foley dodges an Axe Kick from Booker. Foley uses the point of the chair (and gets his hand caught up in the chair making the stalling look horrible on Booker's part) and hits Booker with it. Foley then drops the steel chair down, kicks Steiner in the gut and hits a DDT over the steel chair. Foley covers Steiner and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Mick Foley, Brother Devon & AJ Styles

After the match, Mick Foley, Brother Devon and AJ Styles hold their arms up in the air in victory as the crowd in Charlotte cheer loudly. The PPV goes off the air with all three celebrating.

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