TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009

TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009 Mick Foley makes triumphant debut

TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009
TNA Genesis PPV Results - 1/11/09
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

- The new TNA HD promo hits.

- A video package runs showing highlights of all the "hits" by the Main Event Mafia on Christian Cage, Rhino, Petey Williams, Brother Ray and Samoa Joe. We then see Mick Foley announcing his return to the ring tonight to take on the Mafia, Rhino facing Sting for the TNA World Title and Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle II.

- A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Genesis. We go live to the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area.

- Out first is Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave and Kiyoshi.

LAX & Eric Young vs. Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave & Kiyoshi

During the entrance, Mike Tenay noted that Rhino had not arrived to the building right and that Jim Cornette was efforing to get into contacts with him.

The bell rings and we start with Sonjay Dutt and Homicide. Lock up and Dutt gets a headlock on. Homicide with an arm drag and Dutt responds with a takedown. Homicide comes back with a big right hand and Dutt retreats to the corner. Eric Young and Jimmy Rave get the tag next. Lock up and Young pushes Rave to the corner. Rave works on Young's arm. Young reverses. Reverse by Rave into a headlock. Rave with a shoulder block. Young with a flying takedown on Rave after hitting the ropes. Tag to Hernandez and Kiyoshi. Hernandez launches over the top rope and levels Kiyoshi. Hernandez with a high back body drop on Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi lands a few kicks to Hernandez, misses a clothesline and takes a big release german suplex from Hernandez! Tag to Homicide. Hernandez catapults Kiyoshi into a clotheslines by Homicide followed by a Homicide splash. Cover and Kiyoshi powers out after two. Kiyoshi drops Homicide off the corner and hits a side kick. Backstage, we see Jim Cornette knocking on the door of the Main Event Mafia and no one answering.

Back live, Homicide has Kiyoshi down when Dutt gets the tag. Dutt takes down Homicide with a tilt-a-whirl huracanrana. Homicide with a double underhook driver on Dutt. Homicide is up top, jumps and Dutt moves. Tag to Kiyoshi who goes chokes Homicide against the second rope. Dutt and Rave hit a double dropkick to the head of Homicide. Kiyoshi with a clothesline on Homicide, cover and Homicide quickly kicks out after two. Tag to Rave who hits a big stomp on Homicide, covers and Homicide kicks out. Tag to Dutt who goes to work on Homicide as well. Dutt drives Homicide's head off the ring apron. Cover by Dutt and Homicide quickly kicks out. Tag back to Kiyoshi who drops a sledgehammer over the back of Homicide followed by a big scoop slam. Kiyoshi kicks Hernandez off the ring apron. Homicide with a T-Bone Suplex on Kiyoshi and hot tag to Young. Young levels Dutt, Rave and Kiyoshi. Young with a shoulder block and belly-to-belly suplex on Rave. Cover and Rave kicks out after two.

Kiyoshi gets dumped out, but Rave drives Young down over the ring apron. Homicide with a suicide dive through the ropes taking everyone out. This leaves Hernandez in the ring with Dutt. Dutt leaps over the top rope and takes everyone out again. Hernandez sees this, hits the ropes and leaps out taking everyone out yet again! Young slides Rave back in, covers and gets a close two count. Young has Rave up on the corner, attempts a Death Valley Driver, Dutt tries to mix it up, Dutt leaps over taking out Hernandez and breaks up the pinfall by Young on Rave. Rave takes out Young. Hernandez takes out Rave. Dutt takes out Hernandez hitting a dropkick from the top. The action is everywhere. Backstage, we see another shot of Cornette trying to speak with the Main Event Mafia. Young with a dropkick into Dutt who hits Rave. Dutt with a legdrop over Young and uses the ropes for leverage to get the pinfall.

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