TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009

TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009 Mick Foley makes triumphant debut

Eric Young is eliminated.

Homicide with a Gringo Cutter on Dutt. Homicide attempts the Gringo Killer, but Dutt dodges it and Homicide takes out Rave when he runs in. Rollup by Rave on Homicide from the corner and Rave gets the pinfall.

Homicide is eliminated.

Hernandez is the only one left on his team as Dutt and Kiyoshi attack him from behind. Hernandez hits a double clothesline on both. Hernandez pushes Rave away in mid-air. Hernandez takes his shirt off, throws Rave across the ring, picks Dutt up and hits the Cracker Jack across the ring! Hernandez connects with the Border Toss on Kiyoshi and gets the pinfall.

Kiyoshi is eliminated.

Hernandez catches Dutt when he jumps off the top and counters into a sitout powerbomb. Hernandez gets the pinfall.

Sonjay Dutt is eliminated.

Hernandez and Jimmy Rave are left. Rave with a big forearm on Hernandez. Hernandez is up top. Rave comes up with. Hernandez pushes Rave off and connects with a body splash from the top rope! Hernandez hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Jimmy Rave is eliminated.

Winners: LAX & Eric Young

After the match, Homicide hits the ring and celebrates with Hernandez.

- Backstage, Scott Steiner answers the door for the Main Event Mafia and Jim Cornette tells him they have a problem with Rhino not showing up yet. Cornette wants to know what Steiner knows. Steiner said Rhino is a drunk and has been in and out of rehab constantly. He tells Cornette to check bars in the Charlotte area and tells him to leave them alone slamming the door in his face.

- A video package runs highlighting the TNA X Division Title tournament on Impact which saw Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley advance to the finals tonight to determine a new TNA X Division Champion.

Finals of the TNA X Division Title Tournament
Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

The bell rings and both shake hands. Lock up and Shelley works on Sabin's arm. Sabin flips out reversing. Shelley falls back and kicks Sabin away. Both back off as the crowd applauses. Lock up and Shelley goes back to work on Sabin's arm. Sabin trips up Shelley. Shelley fights his way to his feet as Sabin works on his arm still. Lots of reversals between the two. Shelley locks on a modified figure four. Sabin rolls out and applies a body scissors submission. Sabin with a big arm drag off the ropes. More counters between the two as the back off again and the fans cheer. Sabin and Shelley exchange kicks. Sabin breaks it up with a few right hands and knee to the gut. Rollup from Sabin that Shelley counters. Sabin powers back with a big dropkick. Sabin drops down and applies a modified abdominal stretch. Shelley gets his leg on the bottom rope to break it up. Shelley with a big elbow on Sabin on the ring apron. Shelley jumps over to catch Sabin, but Sabin returns to the ring, hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive taking Shelley out to the outside.

Sabin is hung over the middle rope when Shelley goes up top and hits a flip dive over the neck/back of Sabin! Chops exchanged between Sabin and Shelley. Lionsault off the ropes by Shelley on Sabin, cover and Sabin kicks out after two. Shelley applies an abdominal stretch on Sabin in the middle of the ring. Shelley with a big back suplex on Sabin. Sabin returns quickly with a big dropkick to Shelley. Both exchange more chest chops. Both exchange separate shots in the corner which gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Sabin with a huge jumping tornado DDT off the top, cover and Shelley kicks out after two. Shelley recovers as Sabin jumps again off the top, but Shelley dodges it and applies a Crossface on Sabin. Shelley gets the double underhooks on Sabin. Sabin reverses and Shelley grabs the corner to break it up. Shelley grabs Sabin and drives Sabin face first into the second turnbuckle! Shelley attempts a springboard DDT, but Sabin drops Shelley with a neckbreaker off the top rope!

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