TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009

TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009 Mick Foley makes triumphant debut

Sabin then with a bridge suplex on Shelley that results in a very close two count. Sabin with multiple kicks to Shelley. Shelley fires back with a clothesline and jumping side slam. Cover and Sabin kicks out after two. Shelley goes up top and Sabin cuts him off. Sabin attempts a huracanrana, but Shelley holds on and Sabin falls back. Shelley with a powerbomb on Sabin. Shelley is back up on the top, jumps and attempts a frog splash, but Sabin gets his knees up. Sabin is up top now, jumps, Shelley dodges a dropkick, Shelley is up and connects with a frog splash to the back. Shelley rolls Sabin over, goes up top again and this time connects with the frog splash. Cover...1...2...Sabin barely kicks out! A loud "THIS IS AWESOME" chant starts up. Sabin with a HUGE clothesline on Shelley. Sabin has Shelley up, hits the Cradle Shock, hooks the leg and Shelley barely gets his shoulder up after two. Sabin puts Shelley up on the top, puts Shelley on his shoulders, Shelley hits some elbows, falls off, superkicks Sabin, brings Sabin down and hits the Sliced Bread #2, covers...1...2...Sabin kicks out! Shelley with a chop to Sabin. Sabin responds with a superkick. Sabin dodges another Sliced Bread #2 attempt. When Shelley lands on his ankle, he favors it and starts removing his wrestling boot. Sabin, who is about to go up top, sees this and jumps down. Sabin checks on Shelley and then speaks with the referee when Shelley quickly rolls up Sabin and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA X Division Champion: Alex Shelley

After the match, Alex Shelley is handed the TNA X Division Championship and holds it up as Chris Sabin is still down shaking his head. Don West said that match was worth the price of admission and I would have to agree. We then see highlights of this great match leading to the finish. Back live, Shelley has the X Division Title on his shoulder. He hugs Sabin and Sabin seems okay now.

- Backstage, Jim Cornette said he still can't reach Rhino. He said things are getting worse as Kevin Nash suffered a staph infection while in Japan and his doctor called saying he can't compete tonight. Mick Foley walks in saying he can't wait to return to the ring tonight. Cornette said they have problems with Kevin Nash being out and said they may have to cancel the match tonight. Foley disagrees and wants Cornette to tell the Main Event Mafia that they have until tonight to replace Kevin Nash or tonight's match will be a Handicap match.

- Back in the arena, Mike Tenay and Don West rundown the card tonight.

- A video package runs highlighting the events in recent months between Sheik Abdul Bashir and referee Shane Sewell that lead to Sewell getting fired as a referee and rehired as a wrestler starting tonight.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Shane Sewell

The match starts with Shane Sewell going after Sheik Abdul Bashir. Sewell hits nine big punches up top on Bashir and bites the head of Bashir. Bashir bails to the outside and Sewell follows. Sewell sends Bashir into the ring barricade two times. Sewell nails Bashir off the ring apron and then tosses him over the steel steps. Bashir returns to the ring and Sewell does as well. Sewell with a quick rollup attempt by Bashir. Bashir slaps Sewell. Bashir then gets in a few shots and a big chop. Sewell with a few shots and big arm drag into an arm lock. Bashir with a shoulder block on Sewell. Sewell responds with a big cross-body that results in a two count. Bashir bails from the ring and heads up the ramp. Sewell runs out and chases Bashir hitting a lariat shot to the neck. Sewell then chops Bashir into the ring barricade and then sends him to the other set across from them. Bashir then comes back crotching Sewell over the ring barricade. Bashir runs back to the ring and yells at referee Earl Hebner to start the count.

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