TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009

TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009 Mick Foley makes triumphant debut

Abyss sends Creed and Lethal into them. Abyss with a big splash on Storm, Jacqueline and Roode. Roode falls to his back, Jacqueline falls into Storm's crotch face first and Roode falls to his knees making quite the position. Roode then slaps Jacqueline's ass and smiles. The crowd in Charlotte cheers loudly. Creed and Lethal both take Roode and Storm out on the outside. Matt Morgan is now going up top and hits a cross-body into Lethal, Creed, Roode and Storm! Roode catches Abyss with an elbow in the corner. Abyss comes back attempting a chokeslam, but Roode and Storm break it up with a big takedown. Storm with a big slap to Abyss. Tag to Roode which sees Beer Money hit a double clothesline. They do the usual "BEER"..."MONEY" deal after the suplex that is gold. Tag back to Storm who misses a splash on Abyss and Abyss clotheslines Roode. Creed tags himself in and hits a cross-body on Beer Money. Creed with a back body drop on Storm and another on Roode. Storm rakes the eyes of Creed.

Creed with a double DDT on Beer Money, covers Storm and Storm kicks out after two. Beer Money get Creed up and Creed is launched with force face first into the ring and that looked scary. Tag back to Roode who hits a scoop slam on Creed and Storm follows with an elbow along with Roode. Cover by Roode and Creed kicks out. Roode applies a headlock on Creed in the middle of the ring. Roode with a big spinebuster on Creed, hooks the leg and Creed kicks out after two. Tag to Storm who gets in a right hand on Creed. Storm puts his cowboy hat on and mocks Lethal in the corner. Storm misses a charge in the corner on Creed. Tag to Roode who gets kicked by back Creed. Lethal gets the hot tag and levels Roode. Lethal with some huge back flips into a dropkick on Roode. Lethal covered Roode, but moved when Storm tries to break it up and Storm took out Roode. Lethal with his Lethal Combination on Roode. Lethal goes up top and Morgan gets in a blind tag. Morgan jumps on Roode and covers with Lethal breaking it up.

Abyss press slams Lethal and connects with a chokeslam into his knee! Creed is up top and takes out Abyss with a dropkick. Morgan levels Creed with what Tenay called the Carbon Footprint. Storm with a backcracker on Morgan. Beer Money has Morgan up, but Morgan breaks free using his power. Boot from Roode to Morgan. Roode with a jumping neckbreaker on Morgan, cover and Morgan kicks out. Storm tosses in a TNA tag team title belt and Abyss catches it. Abyss accidentally takes out Morgan with it when trying to hit Roode. Storm pulls Abyss out. Storm covers Morgan. Lethal drops an elbow over Roode off the top. Lethal covers Roode, but referee Rudy Charles is kicking Jacqueline out of the ring to the back. In the ring, Storm with a superkick on Lethal. Storm then drapes Roode's arm over Morgan, falls down, the referee is back in to make the count and Beer Money gets the win.

Winners & NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm)

After the match, James Storm and Robert Roode are handed the TNA World Tag Team Championships and hold them up. Storm grabs some beer and celebrates drinking and spitting into the air. In the ring, Abyss is shocked at what happened. Abyss helps Morgan up and Morgan pushes Abyss away. Morgan starts yelling at Abyss and Abyss tries to apologize. Abyss then snaps and gets in Morgan's face.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is following Kurt Angle. A secretary eyes Angle and Angle said if she looks at him like that he will slap her around the way the Carolina Panthers were slapped around yesterday. Angle storms into Jim Cornette's office and wants to know where Jeff Jarrett is. Cornette asks Angle where Rhino is. Angle explains this morning that they went to Rhino's hotel room, invited him to the arena in their limo, gave him an offer he couldn't refuse, Rhino refused it, so they beat him up and left him in the parking lot. Angle promises Rhino will not be showing up tonight to face Sting.

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