TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009

TNA Genesis Results - January 11, 2009 Mick Foley makes triumphant debut

Angle drags Jarrett back in and hits a big snap suplex. Cover by Angle and Jarrett quickly kicks out. Angle with some stomps on Jarrett and then a big backbreaker. Angle keeps the action grounded applying a headlock. Jarrett tries to make a comeback, but Angle takes out Jarrett with a big belly-to-belly suplex. Angle taunts to the crowd and they boo loudly as Angle drops down for a pinfall and Jarrett kicks out after two. Angle with a big uppercut on Jarrett sending Jarrett back to the mat. Angle with a sleeper on Jarrett on the mat. Jarrett counters an Angle Slam with a deep arm drag. Jarrett then with a huge high back body drp on Angle over the top rope to the outside! Jarrett then takes a run and jumps over the top rope taking out Angle! Angle is able to get up first somehow and sends Jarrett over the announce table. Angle grabs the ring bell and tears the duct tape off it. Angle then cracks the bell off the head of Jarrett and Jarrett is instantly busted open. Angle then gets in some right hands busting Jarrett open more.

They fight up the entrance ramp and Jarrett is able to catch Angle with a DDT. Jarrett then drags Angle up the tunnel of the entrance area and sends Angle face first into the steel structure. Jarrett then backs up Angle with some shots. Angle almost falls back into the set of the pyro board. Angle then grabs Jarrett and gives him an Angle Slam off the entrance ramp right over the pyro board crashing through! Angle is the first to sit up and he is busted open as well. Angle is crawling making his way to the ringside area. A bloody Jarrett is trying to get to his feet and screams out in pain. Jarrett then starts crawling as well towards the ringside area. Angle is now up on the ring apron pulling himself inside. Jarrett is now at the ringside area and pulls himself inside as well. They get face to face and on their feet. Angle and Jarrett exchange right hands. Jarrett gets the best of Angle with some right hands and then hits numerous clotheslines. Jarrett hooks the arms and hits a modified Pedigree on Angle.

Cover by Jarrett and Angle barely kicks out. Jarrett attempts The Stroke, but Angle counters and applies the Ankle Lock! Jarrett somehow rolls through and sends Angle through the ropes to the outside. Angle then grabs a steel chair at ringside. Angle is back in, misses a chairshot and Jarrett dropkicks the steel chair into Angle's face. Jarrett hits The Stroke on Angle. Cover...1...2...Angle barely gets a shoulder up. Jarrett puts Angle up on the corner. Jarrett climbs up and attempts a superplex. Angle pushes Jarrett off the top to the mat and Angle hits a rare missile dropkick. Angle with the Angle Slam on Jarrett. Cover...1...2...Jarrett barely gets a shoulder up! Jarrett counters an Ankle Lock attempt. Angle charges and hits the corner shoulder first when Jarrett moves away. Jarrett has his guitar in hand. Jarrett swings back and Angle kicks Jarrett hitting a low blow. Angle then grabs the guitar and steel chair. Angle drops the guitar and has the steel chair in hand. Jarrett is up and Angle cracks the steel chair over his head.

Angle covers...1...2...Jarrett somehow kicks out. Jarrett then tries to kick Angle in the head, but Angle grabs his leg, pushes him down and applies the Ankle Lock. Jarrett screams out in pain and reaches for the ropes. Jarrett rolls through, rolls up Angle and Angle kicks out after two. Jarrett counters an Angle Slam into a DDT! Jarrett sits up and fires himself up. Jarrett grabs the guitar. The guitar is busted, so he grabs the steel chair instead and waits for Angle to get up. Angle is up and Jarrett cracks the steel chair over Angle's head. Jarrett falls down and favors his ankle. The crowd starts a loud "TNA" chant. Jarrett crawls to Angle, leans back hooking the leg...1...2...Angle pushes up and rolls Jarrett up and gets the pinfall.

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