We're live from Charlotte, North Carolina as Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome. Three TNA titles will be on the line as the pyros at the top of the ramp go off.

Eric Young, Homicide, and Hernandez vs. Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, and Kiyoshi
6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match

Team number one is Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, and Kiyoshi as they are out first. Mike Tenay announces the neck injury to Christy Hemme, echoing what was posted on the official TNA website. Team number two for the 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match is Eric Young, Homicide, and Hernandez.

Mike Tenay says that Rhino has not yet arrived at Genesis and TNA officials are trying to locate him. I haven't heard if that's legit or not. The bell for the forthcoming match and it's Homicide and Sonjay Dutt starting things out. Hip toss from Homicide followed by a Dutt counter. Homicide takes down Dutt in the ring. Jimmy Rave tags in as does Eric Young. Rave and Young lock up and go at it. Crowd is heavily behind Eric Young. Young gets the control but Hernandez tags in. Hernandez comes in over the top rope with a shoulder block on Kiyoshi who is tagged in as well. Kiyoshi and Hernandez go back and forth as Kiyoshi takes a suplex. Homicide is tagged in, they double team Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi takes down Homicide with a spinning heel kick. They cut to a split screen with Jim Cornette pounding on the door of the Main Event Mafia locker room. I can now confirm that the 'where's Rhino?' deal is an angle. Meanwhile, Dutt is tagged in the ring against Homicide. They work back and forth as Homicide connects on a double under hook powerbomb. Homicide goes to the top rope, no one's home as Dutt tags in Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi and Homicide go back and forth as Kiyoshi gets a two count on Homicide. Kiyoshi tags in Jimmy Rave who takes down Homicide. Rave goes for a cover that Homicide quickly kicks out of. Rave puts his boot across the throat of Homicide. Rave isolates Homicide in his team's corner as Sonjay Dutt tags in. Scoop slam from Sonjay as he goes to the outside and works Homicide over on the apron inside the ring. Sonjay gets back in and goes for the cover. Dutt tags in Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi and Homicide work in the ring but both make tags. It's Eric Young and Jimmy Rave as Dutt comes in as well. EY takes out Dutt and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Jimmy Rave. Kiyoshi tries to make a save bujt goes to the outside. Distracted, Rave takes out Eric Young but Homicide connects on a suicide dive onto the outside. Sonjay Dutt connects on another one over the top rope in an awesome spot. Here comes Hernandez over the top rope onto everyone on the outside. The crowd pops huge. Eric Young and Jimmy Rave get back to the ring first as Young goes for a cover on Rave. Rave counters, Young counters into a Death Valley Driver Attempt. Young connects and gets a two count with Sonjay making the save. Homicide hits a neckbreaker on Sonjay. Young takes out Kiyoshi in the ring. Everything is breaking down as Hernandez takes out Jimmy Rave. Dutt goes off the top and connects on Hernandez with a dropkick off the top rope. Young works on Rave in the ring.

Young hits a dropkick on Sonjay Dutt. Dutt counters with a leg drop and ends up eliminating Young with a pinfall with his legs on the ropes. Homicide is now in versus Dutt. Homicide attempts his finisher, Dutt counters out and tags in Rave. Rave works with Homicide. Roll up from Rave onto Homicide and Homicide is eliminated. Hernandez is all alone as he takes out all three members of the other team. Hernandez removes his tank top and throws Jimmy Rave around like a rag doll. He hits the Cracker Jack on Sonjay Dutt, the crowd pops. Kiyoshi goes for some offense but Hernandez blocks it and hits the Border Toss in the ring. Hernandez eliminates Kiyoshi. Hernandez hits a sitdown powerbomb on Dutt and eliminates him. It's Rave vs. Hernandez. Rave sets Hernandez up on the top rope, he gets pushed off. Hernandez goes off the top and gets the cover for the three count on Rave. Hernandez is the last man left.

Winner - Hernandez

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