I can now confirm that TNA Knockouts champion Awesome Kong has suffered a back injury. She isn't expected out of action long but will be missing the European tour. I believe the injury occurred last week. TNA didn't want to say that Kong was injured because monster heels aren't supposed to get hurt. That was the logic thinking behind the editing of the PPV.

TNA went ahead and added ODB & Roxxi & Taylor Wilde vs. Rhaka Khan & Raisha Saeed & Sojourner Bolt to the PPV card due to the Kong and Christy Hemme injuries. Kong appeared at the end of the Knockouts match so she'll continue to appear but likely won't be wrestling.

There is a lot of concern backstage regarding Kevin Nash's condition and there is fear he may have blood poisoning as I noted earlier. It's a pretty scary situation.

There was no dark match prior to TNA's Genesis PPV. Sharkboy came out and riled up the crowd by offering backstage passes.

There were MAJOR edits all day prior to Genesis. It was not a good day to say the least.

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