WWE has two new DVD projects in the works. Jim Ross noted in a recent blog on his official website that he was consulted over a planned "Greatest Tag Teams" DVD project scheduled for release later this year. Regarding the other one, WWE has plans to release a DVD similar to the 2005 release, "Greatest Stars of the 1980s." Only this one will devoted to the greatest wrestling stars of the 1990s. It will be interesting to see who gets profiled as it will chronicle stars from the Monday Night Wars, the Attitude era and the rise of the original ECW. The DVD is scheduled to be released this April.

SmackDown backstage announcer Eve Torres worked her first singles matches in WWE at house shows over the weekend. The young upstart beat Natalya via roll-up at shows on Friday and Saturday.

Sim Snuka is today's "Superstar of the Day" on WWE.com. He's still pictured in his former "Greaser" gimmick.

For the third consecutive week, WWE's running an angle where MVP gets on the mic saying he quits after losing at house shows. MVP lost to Kizarny on Friday and Saturday and then said he quit at both shows.

Andre the Giant: A Legendary Life will be officially released tomorrow on WWEShop.com.

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