MVP, who is currently on a media blitz of the UK promoting the Royal Rumble, appeared on Sky Sports News on Thursday. He largely stayed in character during the interview, and most notably made fun of Mr. Kennedy's reputation of often getting injured. "Mr Kennedy's injured right now because he's a bit of a pansy," MVP said. "He's always injured, he spends more time out of the ring nursing injuries than he does in the ring performing so I don't know if he'll actually be a participant in the Royal Rumble." MVP also claimed that his recent losing streak was due to lack of motivation rather than his skills diminishing. "There are some times in life when you apply yourself and get things done and other times when.. well, I've just been disinterested lately, I don't really care," he said. "With my contract situation I've lost some incentives." has the trailer for WWE's next blockbuster hit, 12 Rounds, starring Raw Superstar John Cena. According to the trailer, the movie is rated PG-13, which could pose a problem for most of Cena's fanbase.

It was Kelly Kelly's birthday this past Thursday. The WWE Diva turned 22 years old.

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