Steiner's Injuries Not So Bad?, Big Backstage Update

Steiner's Injuries Not So Bad?, Big Backstage Update

The health of TNA Main Event Mafia member Scott Steiner has been a hot topic lately with so many injuries recently occurring. Friends of Steiner tell the PWTorch Newsletter that recent statements about his unbearable back pain are exaggerated and tarnish his achievements. Steiner certainly has aches and pains from a very lengthy career in amateur and pro wrestling, but friends say he trains harder then most wrestlers and does not rely on painkillers to ease his pain.

"Does he have aches and pains? Yes, however he does not drink alcohol or indulge in numbing amounts of painkillers like so many do to numb their pain," said a close friend of Steiner's.

For those outside of Steiner's inner circle, it's often hard to tell the difference between his character and his actual personality outside of the ring, which may affect perceptions of him. "Scott is a person with a lot of integrity, people that don't know him have total misconceptions of what he is all about," said one friend. "As for his fans, he obviously always trys to stay in character because he likes to keep his personal and professional life separate."

Steiner has been limited in the ring, but he remains committed to performing at a high level for TNA. "He really enjoys working for TNA and will continue to give 100 percent," said one friend.

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