Partial Source: FeelThePain.NET

Former WWE and ECW star Colin Delaney was interviewed last week on the Pain Clinic radio show and spoke about what's next for him. Delaney said he is free to wrestle anywhere (including TNA) now that his 90-day no compete clause has expired, but for now he's content working on the indy scene. He said, "I'm free to do whatever I would like, but (I'm) having fun being back at home not being on the road." He also talked about how WWE owns the name "Colin Delaney" and the other ring names he used on the indy scene before coming to WWE. "They research before they sign you and in the contract, they own your intellectual property and they pretty much list every name you ever used to wrestle under." To read more on what Delaney thought about his WWE character and working with Tommy Dreamer in ECW, visit

New WWE signee Low Ki wrestled at a Florida Championship Wrestling show held outdoors this past Saturday. A few WWE stars appeared on the show including DH Smith (now wearing his red & blue outfit instead of The Hart Foundation one), Ricky Ortiz, Tiffany, and Rosa Mendes. Mike Rotunda's son, Taylor Rotunda, also appeared on the show. Low Ki is using the ring name "Kawal". In the language Tagalog language used in the Philippines, the name means "soldier".

Last night at a SmackDown house show in Lexington, Kentucky, Umaga made his return to WWE. The Samoan Bulldozer teamed with Edge and defeated the Great Khali and Hurricane Helms.

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