In regards to Mickey Rourke's comments last night at the SAG awards, the plan is to have Rourke vs. Jericho at WrestleMania. Vince McMahon did a complete 180 in regards to The Wrestler once the film picked up Academy Award nominations. McMahon is hoping that the Oscar buzz surrounding the actor "playing wrestler" for the film will give WrestleMania a lot of buzz as he actually steps into the ring. Rourke had talked to Roddy Piper about making the appearance, and according to Afa the Wild Samoan, who trained Rourke, Rourke, "should have been a wrestler, he was immediately one of the boys."

Several readers sent in word that video footage of Randy Orton's attack on Vince McMahon from last week's RAW was already edited into his Titantron entrance video at last night's Rumble. As Jim Ross wrote in his blog this weekend, the storyline WWE is going with is that Vince McMahon suffered a concussion from Orton's head kick.

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