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You can read the full transcript of the Chris Jericho/Mickey Rourke appearance on Larry King Live by going to

CM Life has an article on Mickey Rourke's participation in WrestleMania, criticizing his participation.

Former WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus will be a guest star on 'da Kink in My Hair. This is a Canadian series, set in a beauty salon.

Former heavyweight boxer and AWA star Scott LeDoux has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.

The former ECW arena, which had been renamed "The New Alhambra" has undergone another name change. From now on, it will just be called, "The Arena." They have a brand new website up at

Bruce Springsteen's song, The Wrestler, is now available through iTunes.

Larry Matsyik (author of Wrestling At The Chase and the recent Bruiser Brody biography) will be releasing a 3rd book later this year, titled Drawing Heat the Hard Way: How Wrestling Really Works. Here is the full description: "A personal and insightful look at the sport of wrestling, this memoir explores how and why professional wrestling captivates millions of loyal fans. Exposing how wrestling really works—how it is booked, promoted, reported on, and broadcast, as well as how steroids come into play—this book scrutinizes the sport's power brokers, including Vince McMahon, and analyzes how announcers and wrestlers are reshaping the sport through illusion and spectacle that, despite mistakes and controversies, continues to win the devotion of fans. Revealing personal experiences with zeal, this tell-all is the ultimate take on what it means to be a wrestling fan from someone who understands the inner workings of the business."

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