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SmackDown wrestler Scotty Goldman is currently trying out a new role in WWE's developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling as a comedy oriented backstage interviewer. Goldman was called up to the main roster in August, but still has yet to garner a single win on television. He has not appeared on television since September. Between the recent call-ups and firings, Goldman is said to be the closest to ready talent in developmental, but his issue is that he's already been typecast by WWE officials. Goldman's biggest issue is that WWE officials don't think he looks like a "TV star," and no matter how much personality you have, it's very difficult to break their narrow viewpoint of what a TV star is supposed to look like.

Following Hardcore Holly's release from WWE on January 16th, reaching him proved to be quite difficult for a number of indy wrestling promoters looking to offer him work. The promoters were calling people in WWE trying to get his phone number, but almost nobody in the company had any idea what it is. Holly wasn't particularly liked during his time in WWE and said to have almost no friends. His one close friend was Billy Gunn, who left the company years ago.

WWE recently tried out the infrequently used Candice Michelle as a heel at a recent house show, but it remains to be seen if WWE will pull the trigger on her turn. Candice has packed on several rounds recently. She looked pretty bad physically at a recent live event.

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