Wrestling legend Jimmy Valiant gives his take on The Wrestler in an interview with wdbj7.com. Valiant says being a wrestler is a life sentence. "It's like a life sentence, you can't walk away," Valiant said. "Yes, I identify with Mickey. He can't walk away. It's the only thing he knows how to do. It is the whole life." Valiant adds he was offered a cameo role in the film, but declined due to a scheduling conflict. Nonetheless, Valiant was pleased with the film. "I give it thumbs up. In other words, I give it five suplexes, and that's the highest rating in professional wrestling, five suplexes," said Valiant.

Former WWE/TNA valet Shelly Martinez is auctioning off the pair of event-worn pants she wore before she was revealed to be the unknown LAX member that would come out and help them. You can see the auction at eBay.com.

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