More On Christy Hemme's Injury, Jeff Jarrett DVD, AAO, & More

More On Christy Hemme's Injury, Jeff Jarrett DVD, AAO, & More
As reported earlier, TNA Knockout Christy Hemme appeared at an indy show this past Saturday in Brampton, Ontario. She actually didn't wrestle on the show as she simply worked as a valet and didn't take any bumps. She posted the following blog on her MySpace account saying she wishes she was healthy enough to return to the ring: Sorry... wish it was true!! Hey guys!! So there was an update on my injury that I was back in action and in the ring in Canada... unfortunately not the case booo... I basically did the tango with Curry Man and smacked SoCal Val lol but no bumps, taking turn buckles or getting hit... YET!! On light note, Im bored as hell sittin on my ass but I feel great and it wont be long before I am kickin ASS!! XOXO Christy

TNA has revealed the cover for the upcoming four-disc DVD set on Jeff Jarrett. You can see it at They have also revealed the bonus non-TNA matches that will be featured in the DVD, including his television wrestling debut in 1986.

As noted yesterday, will be doing a countdown pre-show to this Sunday's Against All Odds pay-per-view. The video will be online at 6:00 p.m. with backstage announcer Lauren Thompson hosting it.

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