Canadian news website has coverage of Chris Jericho's altercation with fans outside yesterday's RAW brand house show in Victoria, British Columbia. On how the entire ordeal instigated, Jericho is being accused of directing a racial comment towards the boyfriend of the female fan he attacked, who is of South Asian descent.

20-year-old Ashley Levey said the altercation began when her boyfriend, Kalen Johl, started heckling Jericho as he was driving through the parking lot. The female fan said Jericho got out of his vehicle and made a derogatory comment towards Johl. Levey said Jericho pushed her boyfriend first. She then called Jericho a racist, who then spit and punched her in response. According to another witness, Jericho spit in the woman's face after she approached his white Chevy Tahoe. The witness said the female fan started hitting Jericho and he turned around and punched her in the face.

"I was really surprised that a pro wrestler would do that with everyone watching," witness Darshan Stevens said. "And hit a girl, what are you thinking?"

According to the story, both Levey and Johl were later arrested but released without charge. You can read the article in its entirety, and see a photo of Jericho during the ordeal, at

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