-- We continue to hear reports that former WWE and ECW star Stevie Richards is headed to TNA. Sources say the current plan is to reveal him as the therapist of Abyss. Richards is pretty close to Terry Taylor so it's believed that's how he got his deal. The only internal concern is that bringing in Richards may further push perceptions that the company is a retreat for former WWE stars.

-- Thanks to site reader MissyB1989 for sending the following: I spotted James Storm at a Hooters restaurant here in Orlando on Wednesday night he was very nice and friendly and chit-chatted with everyone who recognized him. I was surprised how many other people there knew who he was since TNA isn't that popular of a show. He told everyone to scram when his food arrived and wished everyone a nice night. Very nice experience meeting one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions!

-- TNA has booked the 18,000-seat Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a house show on Friday, March 20.

-- TNA interviewer Lauren Thompson has a new second gig as the host of a show called "Top Ten" on The Golf Channel. TNA was happy to let her take the job and isn't worried that it will interfere with her TNA commitments. The show airs on Tuesday nights at 9PM EST.

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