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Internally there was a lot of disappointment regarding Matt Hardy's heel turn getting out as we noted earlier here on the site. The main reason they were so upset is because they changed the angle to Matt Hardy as a plan B, since everyone was expecting Christian, which I can now confirm was plan A.

As noted earlier, WrestleMania is not sold out as of yet, but they have passed the $5 Million mark. I have heard around 10,000 tickets are left but I can't confirm that number just yet. Thus far, the Fan Axxess sales are going strong, and due to higher ticket prices, the Hall of Fame has already made more than last year's event.

The latest WWE CD "Voices" was estimated as selling 25,060 units in its first week out debuting at No. 11 reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Music industry expert Mike Omansky commented on the WWE release adding quote: "I would be disappointed with 25,006 units if I were WWE. Usually the first week is the best week, unless there is some massive retail effort that I'm unaware of. And then it starts the descent. The 25,006 includes the special effort at Best Buy. Also, this CD will not be a big money maker, more of an image thing within the massive WWE Universe."

With the closing of the Canadian office, WWE Canada President Carl DeMarco was offered a new position in the company.

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