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TNA has signed Sarah Stock to contract, a top female women's wrestler from Canada who has worked for CMLL in Mexico and several independent promotions, including SHIMMER. In recent months TNA had been searching outside the organization for a star women's wrestler to fill the top babyface role Gail Kim left behind. This is a major signing as Stock is considered to be a great talent. There had been rumblings of TNA trying to sign her since the birth of the TNA Women's Division in the fall of 2007, but she was unable to come aboard due to political issues with CMLL. TNA has been trying to fill the void left by Gail Kim for some time, and the signing of Stock should do that.

TNA has released a slate of new T-shirts on Awesome Kong (a baby blue shirt featuring her growling face), Team 3D ("Hardcore since '96"), and two on Suicide, including a glow in the dark one.

Recently released TNA wrestler Jimmy Rave is still being advertised for this Friday's house show in Macon, Georgia. You can see the event card at, which will feature a "Main Event Grudge Match" between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.

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